The Decloration of Independence

The Ideas of Unalienable Rights and Governed by Consent

Governed by Consent, always putting the people first. The letter is basically being written because they don't have governed by consent. The people don't have a say on who or what goes on in the government and they wanted to change that. Also Unalienable Rights are the rights that somebody cannot take away from you. But, another reason to write the letter they were not giving them there rights.  

Why does a just governed need a consent by the governed?

Just means fair, and to have a fair government you have to let everybody have a say. Without the peoples say they would eventually riot. Many of the people wouldn't like any of the laws that the government would make. They would think that they need a say and that is what consent of governed is. To have a just government you have to have consent of governed.

Who is responsible for protecting or guaranteeing our unalienable rights?

Ourselves. We decide if we have a say. The government doesn't really care if we have a say or not. They let just let us have a say but they do make the overall decision.

Are the principles of unalienable rights and government by consent in the Declaration outdated, or are they still true today?

Yes, they are still true today. We as people have a right to vote on some laws and vote on the president. That is what governed of consent, is when you let the citizens have a say and that is what we do here in the United States.

Do these principles matter to you?

Yes, these principals do matter to me. They will matter to me when I get older too. Like when I vote on laws and presidents.  

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