Objectification and Demoralization of Women in Media

Cori Steiner & Adrienne Floyd

How Do Advertisers Really See Women?

A common way of objectifying women is by using a method called dismemberment; only pieces of a woman's body are shown. By neglecting to show a woman in her entirety it is easier for a viewer to see her an object rather than a complete human being.

Canting is also evident in this ad shown by the choice of keeping her eyes from being shown in the ad. Eyes tell a lot about a person and can convey many different messages. Often when a person in a photo is looking directly at the viewer it creates a sense of power or an attempt at a connection with the viewer, they are engaging the viewer and almost in a way challenging them. By removing the eyes that threat is removed and the subject of the photo becomes more submissive and docile. No connection can be made and the subject can again be viewed as an object as opposed to an independent, thinking, feeling human being.

Portraying women as victims has been used a lot in advertising. Showing women not in control like the woman above is an advertising tactic to entice men. She was obviously injured during her "activity".

The ad above gives the idea that even though the man using the product was so big that he caused her injury that she should be happy. This is its self shows how advertisers use and degrade women.

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