"I'll get you gold!"

Dear Ruler

Choose me as your country's explorer, and you'll be filthy rich, showered in gold. You will own the New World as a colony of Spain. I, Sir Nickolaus Kunibert Holzknecht, promise to provide with riches beyond imagination, crushing any enemies that you encounter. Leave it to me to build an everlasting legacy in your honor. With our riches we will be able to conquer everything, protect your interests, and build an army of immeasurable size. The cost of the expedition will be nothing compared to the profits. We will need four ships, to carry supplies, weapons, and workers*. I have taken into account the fact that there might have been some natives there, and I would like to bring with me a priest to convert the local savages to Your faith. I understand that you do not trust, being royalty from Germany, but believe me, I have left Germany, so did my loyalty. When we reach the New World, we will be prepared, while the other countries will end up starving and dying, we will thrive. We will created a new empire in the name of the Roman Holy Emperor!

*A total of 120 people, with 50 soldiers, fifty miners, 10 craftsmen, and 10 farmers/fishermen.

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