...more than just watching videos

Calling all Liberty Oaks Teachers!

Come explore opportunities for you and your students to create and organize dynamic content using YouTube. We will individually record directly on YouTube and combine all videos in a single playlist. Throughout this process, we will explore the efficiency and enhancement tools YouTube has to offer for both inside and outside of your classroom.

What will you gain?

As a result of this session teachers will be able to use YouTube in their classrooms:

  • To efficiently store and safely view instructional videos.
  • To help students and teachers create projects and share with parents and the community.

Thinking Differently

Trying something new can be exciting and somewhat scary. We just want you to know that we know we are here to support you beyond this session!

Monday, November 4
Liberty Oaks LMC

Our Agenda for the Session:

The session is provided by:

Tracey Kracht, LPS Instructional Technology
Liberty Oaks Tech Mentors:
Teresa Barnett, Aleesa Pierret, and Lori Schurle