AquaBrew TE 216 Granite Thermo Express Coffee Machine Review

What would wake you up faster than a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Well, it is safe to say that there's almost nothing that can beat that. In order to have that perfect blend of coffee right within your reach every morning, it is necessary to choose coffee makers that will deliver that coffee goodness on command. This AquaBrew TE 216 Granite Thermo Express Coffee Machine is designed to give you just that.

This modern-looking coffee maker is not only designed to look good. It is packed with features to make sure that the coffee it serves is at the best it can be.

1. First off, it has a water quality monitor. You may use premium roasted and freshly ground coffee but if the water you are using is not at its purest, you are only wasting good coffee. The TE-216 is designed to let you know when the quality of the water is not up to par.

2. It comes with safety brewing lights so you would easily know when it is safe to remove the carafe once your coffee is ready.

3. It has a thermal carafe which keeps your coffee warm longer. This is a great feature to match the fact that it can brew coffee good for 14 cups at a time.

On the flipside, this coffee maker also has some issues that every buyer should know about. Here are some of them.

1. To make the 14 cups of coffees in one go, it needs to be connected to a water source. You may need to install a special water faucet only for Aquabrew’s use. Now this is something that other coffee makers will not ask you to although there is a leak indicator to ensure safe use.

Even with its flaws, the AquaBrew's good features still shine through. As long as it can produce a great cup of coffee every time, it would not matter what brand it is right? Although Aquabrew is a lesser-known brand and choosing it could be risky, if it worked as advertised, it’s worth the risk. You can also purchase it from trusted dealers especially if you are buying it online just to be safe. All Best Coffee Makers is one good example of a reputable online store that offers coffee makers from good manufacturers. If you can find this Aquabrew in, consider it to be a good brand too.