Aquarium Project
By: Alyssa T. & Daniel P.

Welcome you are going to be the first to see mine and Daniel's new design for a fish tank. Before also notice we did have a budget of 700 dollars so we did try our best. Ok so scroll on down to see our new ideas for a tank. First we will start off with our fishes and tank. Then we will move onto our decorations and gravel. So we please hope you like our ideas


Pink Angelfish

The Angelfish is a beautiful fish that lives in the ocean. This fish is friendly and not a furious fish also this fish doesn't like fight unless it is protecting its young. Also angelfish don't like to see other fish suffer. Angelfish are kept in a warm aquarium, ideally around 80°F (27°C). They are generally peaceful when not mating.

The Mickey Mouse Platy is a beautiful fish that doesn't like to fight with others unless if it's trying to protect its young. Also this fish a beautiful fish that likes to travel in groups or schools. The Mickey Mouse Platy is very peaceful and will live peacefully with a wide variety of other fish. They will graze on vegetation, so keep that in mind if you have live plants. The temperature of a typical community tank, 76-78 degrees F, will do quite nicely for the Mickey Mouse Platy.

Tank Size/ Volume

We chose a small tank cause both of our fish don't fight and they like small places. Plus both of the fish we chose with got doesn't like adventures. So technically there kinda like cowards. The volume of the tank is 2.43ft while in gallons its 18.225gal. So it's kinda big and it uses a lot of  water.

Our Budget

Since we were hired by a company we had a budget. So we had to buy what the fishes needed and what we needed to have in our tank. Now rember you may think its not good but hey we were just trying to stay in a budget.

Our Fish Gravel

Pearl White Gravel

We had to buy 5 bags of this gravel just to fish 2 inches thick of our tank for the fish. The volume of our gravel was 600 inches.

Our Equation for our fish was:
Down below is our list of what we spent:

Description:                           Cost of each:                  #'s needed:                         Total Cost:

Angelfish                                    4.99                                        2                                   10.00

Platy                                             1.00                                        2                                     2.00

Small Tank                                 150                                          1                                  150.00

Filter                                            55                                             1                                    55.00

Heater                                         36                                             1                                    36.00

Light                                            40                                             1                                    40.00

White Gravel                               5.50                                        5                                     27.50     

Coral (tall)                                    25                                           1                                      25

Begonia Plant                              4.00                                        1                                         4

Castle Bridge                               30                                             1                                         30

Volcano                                          25                                            1                                          25

Total Cost:      429.50                                                           Money left: 270.50

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