Jennie Finch doesn't Flinch

Jennie Finch doesn't Flinch when she is on that pitchers mound.  Jennie was a great pitcher on the US softball team.  She went to the Olympics and medaled. She is a  three time world cup champion. She has so many career highlights. Learn how Jennie Finch made it from La Mirada California to being a great pitcher on the US softball team.

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Lil' Jennie

Jennie was born on September 3, 1980, in La Mirada, California. She is the youngest out of three children. She had two older brothers that played baseball. Jennie Finch started to play softball at the age of five. She started to pitch at the age of eight. Jennie's father did what ever he could to help increase Jennie's progress. He constructed a batting cage in the backyard and hired a fast-pitch instructor for Jennie. Later on he transformed a small trampoline into a pitch-back. As Jennie got better her dad impressed himself and became her personal coach. By the time she was nine she was playing for a ten and under traveling all-star team. Each weekend they were at a different place in suburban Southern California. At age 12, she led the California Cruisers to the 12-and-under American Softball Association national title in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

College, U.S. , Olympics Oh my

Jennie Finch went to Arizona University. Jennie led them to the 2001 national title. Jennie did not start off playing pitcher she started with playing first base. While playing first base at University of Arizona she led the team into doubles (14) and extra base hits (21) and she was second on the team for home runs (7). It was the first time in which hitters could handle her famous fastball. Finch kept the team’s undefeated record going by beating UCLA in the Womens College World Series final game 1-0. Finch ended the game by striking out the final batter to keep the score. Jennie was later named the WCWS Most Outstanding Player.  Jennie retired after playing 10 years on the US softball team. She retired at the age of 29, so she could spend time with her family.  She helped the team win the seventh straight world champion. 2009 U.S.A softball female athlete of the year. In the 2004 games Jennie won a gold medal, and in the 2008 games she won a silver medal. 2008 was the last year for softball to be in the Olympics. They think that it will return in 2020. Find out more and visit

The present is a Gift

Jennie retired from the team after playing for ten years. She retired because, she wanted to spend time with her sons and husband. Her husband, Casey Daigle, is now a retired Major League pitcher. Jennie has a 8 year old son, Ace, another son Diesel, 3 years old, and a daughter named Paisley, 2 years old. Her oldest son is growing up to be just like his father. Ace plays baseball. The family comes to every game and cheers him on. They family lives on the farm and now owns chickens, cows and more. Jennie says "I’m a social person, but I love being at home, where it’s just us, the land and our animals. " Jennie also says, "It’s nice escaping traffic and all the busyness of the city. Our nearest mall is 20 miles from the nearest mall."


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