Ozone Depletion

Ozone is a trioxygen [O3] molecule.
Ozone layer exists in the stratosphere to absorb UV radiation

Production and
Destruction of Ozone

High energy UV radiation strikes oxygen molecules to form single oxygen molecules.

Free oxygen molecules collide with O2 and form ozone.

UV radiation hits ozone molecules and the cycle continues

  • Low level ozone is harmful to plants and animals.
  • Pollutants react with the sunlight to create ozone
  • Photosynthesis interference
  • Ozone can cause respiratory problems for humans

Ozone depleting substances form radicals when dissociating in the atmosphere.

Oraganic compounds like Chloroflourocabons (CFCs) travel to stratosphere and disrupt ozone molecules.

One CFC molecule can disrupt 100,000 ozone molecules

Ozone Depletion's Adverse
Effects on Plants

• Ozone depletion may lead to loss of plant species and reduce global supplies.
• UV-B has direct and indirect effects on plant growth.
• UV radiation decreases leaf size
• Plants can produce extra wax to prevent UV damage
• Leafs become thicker in response to UV-B

Ozone Holes

• Ozone holes are formed in the Antarctic from Jun-Aug.
• Clouds with CFCs are formed due to low temperatures.
• Small amounts of sunlight initiates ozone depletion developing a hole

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