Aunt Clara

The Mysterious Gift

The day december was 24th, 1931. It was a cold christmas eve. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. Lennie had just came into the bunk house and laid in the bottom bed of the bunk bed. It was very cold outside. Lennie was exausted from his walk home in the 3 ft high blanket of snow on the ground.  The big ape was happy to finally be able to get off of his feet and lay on his cheap bed and pillow which was only a burlap sack with goose feathers stuffed inside. Lennie couldn't fall asleep with out the shimmering light from his candle his deseaced aunt had given him before she had died. Lennie loved that candle. It was very special to him and he could not sleep with out it. On Christmas Eve was no different he lied down, struck a match, and lit his candle. The cold room in the bunk house smelled like Apple cinnamon.

"Mmmmm pie" mumbled Lennie

The candle mysteriously goes out. It Became very dark now. The candle extinguishing somehow made a cloud of smoke as Lennie watched a figure appear. The smoke filled out to be a heavy set older woman that was pale and grey. Lennie had rubbed his eyes as if he was dreaming.

"Lennie?" Asked the ghostly figure

"Jesus?" Said Lennie

"No meatloaf"

"AUNT CLARA!" Lennie said with great excitement

Lennie had known it was her because aunt Clara was the only person to call her meat loaf because that was Lennie's favorite food.

"Is it really you?!" Exclaimed Lennie

"Yes it is Lennie, keep your voice down before people come. Listen I've been given a Christmas gift that lasts only one day. I made a deal with good sprits and they told me I was allowed to come back down to earth for 24 hours." Said aunt Clara

Lennie didn't hear anything she said. He was to busy thinking about meatloaf now.

"Aunt Clara?" Whispered Lennie

"Yes deary"

"Uh you didn't happen to bring any meatloaf did ya?" Asked Lennie as he gave her puppy eyes.

"No dear I'm sorry." Giggled aunt Clara

"Awwww shoot." Cried Lennie.

Foot steps then came from another room in the bunk house. Short quiet steps. Tap. Tap. Tap. Aunt Clara then spun around and slowly disintegrated into the dark room. George had walked in.

"Who the hell you talkin to Len?" Asked George as he stood in the door way

"No one George I was just sayin- I don't know I just want some meat loaf." Said Lennie.


"Yea George?"

"Are you thinkin about aunt Clara again" asked George.

"Maybe." Said Lennie sorrily

"I told ya Len she can't come back you gotta move on."

A tear ran down the big mans face. George saw that tear and then said,

"Tell ya what, you go to sleep now and when we go to the Job tomorrow if ya work real hard we can leave early and come back here and I'll make ya some meatloaf."

Lennie looked at George with a smile now.

"Okay." Said Lennie.

He then fell right asleep but never lit the candle.

The next morning George was drinking his morning coffee when he went to wake up Lennie.

"Len come on bud we gotta get up and go to work." Said George.

There was a big lump in the sheets but there was no response. George went over and kicked the bed slightly to wake him up.

"Len get up!"

George then uncovered the sheets to find Lennie had snuck out and left a sack of potatoes where he slept.

"Oh shi-" George said as he dropped his coffee.

The room was quiet although there were sounds in the distance. He walked over to a window and peered outside. There was still a thick blanket of snow on the vast fields. But George noticed some foot steps leading to the house they were working on. George had ran and got his shoes. The then ran out in the snow to look for Lennie. The sound grew louder as he approached the house. It was Lennie covered in black tar as he finished up the job.

"Lennie what the hell ya doin?!" Exclaimed George

Lennie climbed down the ladder and said, "Its done."

George grew wide eyed as he watched Lennie go back to the bunk house and examined the work Lennie had done all by himself.

Lennie had laid back down and was wondering why he couldn't sleep. He thought about it all day as lied restlessly.

It was getting late. George had been out all Christmas Day trying to get a new job. Lennie had been laying down worried. He had been staring at the bottom of the top bunk. Lennie remembered he didn't have his candle lit. Lennie then struck a match and lit the candle. Then turned around. And heard a familiar voice.

"Meat loaf."  

Lennie then turned around to see if aunt Clara was there. He say a box with a note. Lennie got up and started to read the note.

Dear Meatloaf,

                  I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer but I do miss you very much. You shouldn't worry about me I love you and I will always be in your heart. I will do my best to protect you sweetie. I I will always be looking down on you from heaven. I'm always watching you. I miss you and I love you.

George then barged in with what looked to be a burnt dead animal or log.

"Lennie I'm sorry I tried to make aunt Clara's meatloaf but I burned it." Said George

"It's okay George I'm not hungry anyway."

George then nodded his head in acknowledgement and closed the door. Lennie kept reading the long note. It was all about the memories she had with him and how she missed him. He got to the end of the letter and was just happy he had seen her. He had read the last line of the note that said,

"P.s. I know you Len, I know you are almost always hungry that's why in the box I left you a little gift. I love you Lennie. Don't you ever forget that.

-Aunt Clara

Lennie had opened the box to find a plate of meatloaf. He had bit into it and it tasted just how he remembered. Lennie then finished the plate, blue out his candle, and hid the note. He then looked the window into the stars and said,

"Thanks Aunt Clara, next time can i have some ketchup. Merry Christmas Aunti Clara. I love you too."


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