Recycling water in the home

Task brief:

To prepare a website, powerpoint presentation or video on a water saving system for your home, or for your created home of the future.  

There will be three components to the project:

1.  Demonstrate knowledge and selection of appropriate water saving equipment for your home.

2.  Use linear equations to investigate the filling and emptying of your tank in various scenarios.

3. Use a media presentation to communicate your ideas about water recycling for your home


You will be assessed against four main criteria, as shown below.

Tasks for double Lesson 1: Monday

Create one of the following media presentations:

  • Website (using,, or
  • Powerpoint presentation (using Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • Video (using MonkeyJam, Microsoft Movie Maker, Flash etc)

Using the knowledge you have gained from our class mind map, conduct some further research on the internet into water recycling in the home.  Begin your media presentation by including a brief overview of why it might be useful to collect rainwater, and show labelled pictures of all the pieces of equipment you would require to collect rainwater for reuse in your home.

Tasks for Double Lesson 2: Thursday

Learn Linear Equations, and complete Waldo's Water Tank activity (Edmodo)

Tasks for Double Lesson 3: Monday

Your task: Add to your media presentation:

  • a diagram of your house roof plan including its area (in m2)
  • your house location (include a map)
  • the amount of water your roof collects per day, on average
  • the size of the water tank you have selected (including a diagram)

1.  Using your roof plan of your current home, or your home of the future, (which includes all dimensions), determine the area (in square meters) of your roof.

This will determine how much water your home can collect at any given time.

2.  Decide on your house location

This will determine how much water falls (on average) every day of the year.

You may choose a house location from any of the following:

  • Geelong
  • Cairns
  • Perth
  • Alice Springs

3.  Find out how much water your house can collect per day.

On the back wall of the classroom is a ready reckoner which will tell you how much water your roof can collect per day (on average), for your roof size, and your house location.

4.  Decide on a water tank size for your household:

1000 Litres for 1-2 people;  2000 Litres for 2-4 people; 3000 Litres for 3-5 people

4000 Litres for 5-7 people; 5000 Litres for 6+ people

Tasks for Double Lesson 4: Thursday

Add to your media presentation: Completed tasks as assigned on Edmodo

  • Complete Tasks A and B and present your work in your media presentation.
  • Complete appropriate tables on Edmodo and use screenshots to add your data as pictures to your media presentation.
  • Draw your graphs on graph paper, and photograph them with your laptop webcam to add as photos to your media presentation.
  • Include the linear equations for each scenario in your presentation

This task is to be submitted via Edmodo at the end of the Thursday double lesson - don't waste time!

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