Dramas & Plays

1. KINESTHETIC HOOK: Partner Charades

2. SAFARI HOOK: Take students to performing stage to present lesson

3. PICASSO HOOK: Read a short play to the students and have them draw out a scene

4. DANCE & DRAMA HOOK: Have the students create their own mini-plays in groups

5. REAL-WORLD APPLICATION HOOK: Students can create a skit based on a real world problem such as bullying and present a solution via skit

6. INTERIOR DESIGN HOOK: Create a small stage in the classroom

7. THE COSTUME HOOK: Dress up as main literary character of play to introduce the concept

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2 years ago

What student wouldn't LOVE this? I am a librarian by trade and I dressed up all the time. I think I have been over 50 book characters. So much more here - but the kids will love it. :)

2 years ago

Ann Vega - You have earned your TECH credit in ERO.

2 years ago

Thank you! I really enjoyed this book study, all the tech made it a fun learning experience :)