The Civil War

My name is Jolene and I'm 23 years old. I am on the union side because I live in Ohio. Today is February 18, 1864. I live with my husband who is currently stationed in Pennsylvania, and with my 3 lovely children, Katherine, Elena, and Stefan.

Day 1:

Today is February 21, 1864, and I am about to tell you my every morning, and every afternoon schedule. When  wake up in the morning I make some sausage for my kids. I collect all of the eggs and milk from our animals. If we ever have any extra food, we send it in for the men working hard in the war. In the mornings when I get my free time I usually read the newspaper, while I drink my morning coffee. In the afternoon I make lunch/dinner for my family, and I help them get cleaned up for the night. I have to clean up the house from my rowdy kids. After the kids fall asleep, I get out my sewing equipment and I sew clothes. After I finish making multiple outfits which usually takes me a month or two, I send them off for men in the war.

Day 2:

Dear Harry,

Harry, this is your honey.  I love you to the moon and back. Our children miss you dearly, and I do also. I hope you stay safe in the war and hopefully this will all be over soon.  I heard about the War of Gettysburg. I heard it was the bloodiest battle. Be safe.

I love you, Jolene

Day 3:

Today is Sunday and I am getting the kids ready for church. I went to my church and we sang the gospel Amazing Grace. I cried of the thought of my Harry. I give a donation every week to my church to support the soldiers. After church I went to the market to get groceries for the week, and while I was there I bought some medicines to send off to the soldiers. On my way home my friend Betsy called me and told me that her husband Ken had died in the war, so I went to her house and helped calm her down. I gave her a little money in case she needed help getting through this moment. Later that night, I sent in ammunition for my husband and his fellow troops.

Day 4:

Today I received a letter in the mail from my Harry. This is what it said.....

Dear Jolene,

Jolene, I got the letter that you sent me. I'm doing good. Billy got shot in the shoulder, and he's out for awhile, but I am doing good. Before the Battle of Gettysburg, I had to fight in the Battle of Shiloh. I am hoping that this will all be over soon so I can come home to my beautiful wife, and lovely children. I am looking forward to it. I love you Jolene!



Day 5:

Today I went into town to do my annual every week grocery shopping, and everyone had a serious look on their face. I heard people whispering about something that had happened. I walked over to my friend Betsy and I asked her what was going on and she she pulled me to the side and started whispering in my ear.

She said, " rumor has it that Abraham has been assassinated!" I asked how and she said, " he was in the movie theater enjoying a movie, and someone came out of no where and shot him for no reason!" I was so surprised!

I hurried back home to tell my kids about the news. I was in shock and I was hyperventilating. A few days later they announced when Lincoln's funeral was. We ended up going to the funeral a few days later, and I took my kids with me too. When we got there we could barely find a space to stand because it was so crowded. They did not end up finding the killer.

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