What is the price change in converse since 1917?
*By Kyra Camm*

The price in converse has dramatically changed since 1917. The price in 1917 was $100,today it is $55. The shoes have become more populuar since 1917 but the price has changed a lot. Everything has changed about converse the price, the look there's just huge differences in these shoes since 1917 and that has caused the price to go down. Therefore converse have become more populuar and have been purchased more often than normal in the past 2 years.

Converse Backround

Converse used to only be for the richer kids and most kids didn't have them because they cost to much money.But as the years went by since 1917 the price decreased by $45. So they now cost around $55 for most regular colored converse. The designed shoes cost around $100 just because they're a little fancier than the regular converse. No one really knows how they became very popluar in the past couple years but when the price went down. The question has been answered and the price change in converse since 1917 is $45.

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