Are There Rockstars In An Aviation Event?

In every event, there are always celebrities and rockstars in attendance. Whether they’re the host, the performer, the Guest of Honour or maybe just passing there is bound to be a civilian who would notice them and ask for an autograph or even selfie with them. But in an Aviation event or an Air show like the Singapore Airshow 2016, who are the Celebrities? Who are the Rockstars? Who will you ask for an autograph?

Every 2 years, Asia’s largest Airshow will gather the most important delegates from the government, military and corporate industry to make a mark in the international aerospace and defence market. The Singapore Airshow 2016: Asia’s Biggest for Aviation’s Finest. With over 274 VIP delegates from 76 countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Cambodia and many more who will be attending the show. With the expected attendance of the best of the best people behind some of the best top Airline companies like Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Jetstar Asia Airways, Singapore Airlines just to name a few.

There will be talks and forums on the latest technology advancements on aviation. Professionals will share their opinions and experience on some topics within the talks. A training and simulation zone situated within the exhibition hall. Guests and delegates can experience some simulation and training on the spot.

The event will also feature the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit and the Asia Pacific Security Conference, the 2 high-level conferences which is expected to attract a large network of delegations.

These are the Rockstars. These are the people who will be the celebrities in Singapore Airshow 2016. With their years of service and expertise in the field, they are here to answer all of your questions and curiosity when it comes to the latest news on aviation and it technology. So when approach their booths don’t be afraid to ask your question instead feel honoured that you are in the same with these innovators.

The Singapore Airshow 2016 is scheduled to be held from 16 to 21 February 2016 at the Changi Exhibition Hall.