Steve Jobs

The hero who created apple.

By Chris and Christian

He gave 1/5 of his money to help the musical foundation in schools and in general pop music.

Wanted to help everybody who have trouble with their electric bill by creating the apple t.v. He said it will help people save energy/electricity.

1. Created the apple company in his garage

2. Left college to create something new.

3. Got kicked off apple even though he created it

4.  Was born as Stephen Paul and later was Adopted by the Jobs family.

5.  He was born in San Francisco, California on February 24th, 1955

6.  Steve jobs was the co-founder of Pixar Studios

7.  Was an inventor and a rich entrepreneur .

8. Walt Disney Studios adds  Pixar Studios and when they combined in 2006 they were the richest companies.

9.  He became famous for being co-founder of Pixar and Founder of Apple two of the most popular and advanced companies we have today.

10. He died of respiratory arrest on  56 on october 5, 2011

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