Accounts Receivable Financing


We do transactions from $25,000 per month in invoices up to $3, 000,000 per month.


While we will review any transaction that fits our criteria, certain industries are greater risks from time to time. At the current time, here is a list of excluded, watched and preferred industries:


  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Service providers (as long as billing after service rendered)
  • Distribution
  • Staffing


As this is our primary source of repayment on any transaction, underwriting will spend the majority of its time reviewing the quality of a transaction’s accounts receivable. Consider the following when looking at a transaction’s AR:

  • Concentration: A deal with 100% concentration is acceptable as long as the published trade credit supports the balance.
  • Recourse: 90 days
  • Size of Invoice: Larger invoices are easier for operations to manage. Transactions with hundreds of smaller invoices require more man-hours to manage so the pricing will be higher.
  • Submission of invoices: Copies of invoices (some exceptions in trucking require originals) submitted by e-mail in pdf form.

Purchase Order Finance:

We offer PO financing for some business sectors, we do it directly or with another company doing the PO piece. It depends on the deal. Typical criteria is:

  1. In business for at least 12 months.
  2. If they have a track record with the customer(s) who issued the PO(s), that helps.
  3. Current profitability is not a requirement, but they have to be close.
  4. Goods must be manufactured or assembled by a third party such as a contract manufacturer and then drop shipped to the end user. (I have a contact for WIP financing, but it is very difficult to qualify. I have not been able to get an approval yet.
  5. Minimum 100K per month PO financing need for at least six months.
  6. Good to excellent personal credit of the principals
  7. Domestic or Canadian (except Quebec) end users

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