My Future...

My Dreams And Goals In Life


1) What I would like to do when I get older is be in the Infantry for the army and get my education while I am serving.

2) I would like to just be in the infantry or national guard and hopefully sign up to join in California or get into WVU then after I graduate join the army.

3) The training I will need to be in the army Is I will HAVE to be mentally and physically strong and ready to see things that could traumatize me.

4) My training will be from the basic training that I am required to go through.

5) The obstacles I will face will be mentally and physically preparing for stuff that I may or may not be ready for and being away from my family knowing they will be worrying.

6) I can overcome these obsticles by just putting my all into my dreams and being the best soldier i possibly can and writing my parents whenever I can so they will know that I am okay and doing fine.

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