The Physical Science Class

The Fitness Class for Your Brain

Physical Science with Mr. Golding

We think everyday. . . .we plot, plan and do something every class. 

Be here and ready to learn to check how you're plotting and planning and doing is going to work out. 


We blow things up (with reasons), make matter change, mix it together.

We measure matter

         Time is not a luxury we have but we use seconds and minutes to measure


          Mass is not only big, it is one of two measurements for


Mass x gravity=weight

          Volume (how much space you take up) is the other measurement for


          Temperature , how hot or cold , digital or regular old lab thermometer


the way matter moves

Work is Force x distance any object  moves

Power is the Force x distance any object moved in an amount of time.

Light, Sound, Waves, Electrical, Chemical, Nuclear, Electromagnetic (wow!), Mechanical


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