Goals and Steps in Our Process:

Today we will:

1.  Learn to Create an Animated Gif: Keynote and www.gifmaker.me

  • GIF:  Graphic Interchange Format features an animated or avatar like presentation that pops up and keeps playing in the multimedia as a standalone feature or multiple presentation.

2.  Learn to Create and Customize a Google Form

Later in the project we will:

1.  Learn to Collect Data Using Google Forms

2.  Learn to Analyze Data Using Google Forms

Is data collection boring?

It depends on your perspective and your purpose.  Watch this clip.

Is collecting data relevant?

Take a quick behind the scenes look at my job.

Specifics that I'd like you to notice:

  • branding
  • one tool for various applications
  • various question types
  • results produced

Creating Your Gif

Creating and Customizing Your Form

Is EASY, QUALITY data collection important?

If you have bad data because you ask the wrong questions, do not have enough results to analyze, or enter incorrect information, it could have a negative result.


Technology Operation Skills:  DCT-2.4 Identify and use operating systems and software applications  DCT-2.8 Investigate the internet as a tool

Spreadsheet Software:  Standard 5 Students establish knowledge and skills of spreadsheet software to be effective 21st Century Learners:  DCT-5.1 Create a spreadsheet and workbook DCT-5.2 Manage worksheet data, structure and formatting DCT-5.3 Use tools to sort and manipulate data DCT-5.4 Evaluate data through the development and effective use of charts DCT-5.5 Construct formulas and calculations

Digital Audio, Video and Images:  Standard 7 Students adapt digital audio, video and images to improve the look of documents or presentations. Standards DCT-7.1 Import and export digital audio, video and images DCT-7.2 Modify digital images using editing functions DCT-7.3 Use audio, video and images in other software programs