Live, Love, Europe

I've loved the thought of traveling to different places, especially Europe! I really want to go to either The UK or France. The UK is a place of many cultures. London, Wales, Scottland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The UK is another name that is used to say London. On another note, UK is famous for their food and since I'm American the way they pronouce things. (I'm pretty much a smart stereotype) Chips are Crisp. Fries are Chips and Tea is their National Morning Drink.

They also have beautiful landmarks such as The London Eye, Big Ben and The Royal Palace

The United Kingdom was formed by Acts of Union between England and Wales and England, Wales, and Scotland, uniting the three nations. After 1169, the island of Ireland came under British influence, and it became a colonial dependency in 1690. The British and Irish parliaments were united in 1801.

Here's the Travel Tour Guide.

Another place in Europe I want to visit is France, Paris mainly. France is South of London. France is split up in to 21 States as I would call it.      

Now, landmarks. Two Beautiful Words. Eiffel Tower. Its the main attraction. Its a lovely place.

France is a very sophisticated place. French people are very skinny. They mostly eat bread, wine and cheese. Yet the do have other foods too. But Bread, Wine and Cheese are their mains.

Culture, where do I start. They mostly circulate around Catholicism. About 80% count themselves Catholic.

Here are a few more facts with the Travel Tour Video.

Now you know where I would Go.