Medival Times Clothing

A brief look at the history of their clothing Style

Status of Clothing

    What people wore told a lot about them.  It all went along with feudalism.  The Kings and Nobels wore more expensive clothing then the Peasents did.  

Women's Clothing

   Around this time the women wore tight fitted dresses.  They usually had multiple layers And wore a cloak over it.  They also started weaving jewels onto the dresses.  The sleeve length changed alot.  Usually only nobles and the Queen would wear dresses like these.  They were long and looser towards the bottom of the dress.


These cloths were very durable and practical.  They were usually made of leather.  In the middle of the tunic a belt was placed at the waist.  This belt held a knife and sometimes other needed tools.

Fashion Overview

 Fashion was mostly influenced by the royal family.  Sumptuary laws told people in the lower class to save their money and we're not allowed to wear cloth of gold and purple silk.  Expensive veils were also banned.  

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