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southern colonies
Chloe stottlemyre.

The southern colonies consists of, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia.


The climate in the Southern Colonies was the warmest of the English colonies. Much more enjoyable.

The weather a climate made very possible for crops to flourish and tobacco to also grow as a cash crop. This means food was always available.


Common food among the lower classes was corn porridge or mush, and hominy with greens and salt-cured meat, and later the traditional southern fried chicken and chitlins.

Foods flourished in the amazing climate so foods were in a surplus. Again this means food will always be available to you.


The Southern colonies are the best place to farm. Growing most thing it not a issue to the southern colonies

Tobacco, rice, indigo all are grown easily within the climate.

Indigo is the best money maker!


Plantations in the Southern Colonies grow cash crops.

Plantations are used as a very efficient way to grow crops and make the money.

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