Ariah Rastegar - How Millennial Millionaires Succeed

Ariah Rastegar is a successful young businessperson with a fast-growing brand and business. Success like Ariah Rastegar’s is not built on luck, but on hard work and intelligent life choices, which means that anyone can foster something similar if they’re dedicated.

Saving money, seeking higher education and thinking outside of the box are common traits that many self-made millionaires share, but millennials are taking notice of lesser-known strategies. For example, many millennial millionaires credit their success, in part, to focuses like those below.

A growing number of millennials are catching on to the useful life hack that is meditation. “It [allows] me to shut out the noise,” Ariah Rastegar says. By prioritizing just five or ten minutes of meditation in your daily life, you can improve brain function, increase mental clarity, lower your stress and, as a result, potentially benefit the outlook of your professional endeavors.

It’s easy to neglect your physical health when you’re building an empire, but staying fit can improve your brain function and better your image to clients or peers. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and do it often. For example, Mr. Rastegar is a boxer and he indulges in his hobby regularly.

Networking is and has long been, a cornerstone of professional success. The more people you form valuable connections with, the wider your support network is when you need it. Millennials do more than handing out business cards when they network – in modern business, it is important to share resources, keep in touch and truly connect with those in your circle.

Look to successful examples like Ariah Rastegar for inspiration on how you can change your life to encourage success and to improve your likelihood of fulfilling the millionaire dream.

Ariah Rastegar - Preparing to Invest

Ariah Rastegar is a financial executive who specializes in commercial real estate investing. Like many of the big names in business – Ken Griffin, Sam Zell and Warren Buffet, to name a few – he believes that investing can be the key to wealth. The key to succeeding with investments, though, is preparation.

If you would like to approach investing intelligently, so that you can make the most out of your wealth, consult a financial professional for personalized advice. Your advisor will likely help you through steps like those below long before he or she advises you to begin your investment portfolio.

Set Financial Goals – Understanding your financial goals is a prerequisite to saving, investing or making any other moves with your finances. You should know what your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals are, and how you will reach them. This can be handled alone or with an investment advisor.

Eliminate Debt – Debt interest will almost always cost you more than you will make with investment earnings. Save for a small emergency fund, if you’re in debt, then the majority of your financial focus should be on fixing that issue.

Build Savings – A stable emergency fund should be able to support you for three to six months with no other income. Before you invest, be sure that your extra money is put toward your savings; this money will also cover unexpected auto repairs, medical emergencies and other life happenings.

“When you’re ready to enter the marketplace,” advises Ariah Rastegar, “get a professional that has your best interests at heart.”

Ariah Rastegar - Avoid These Money Mistakes in Your Thirties

Ariah Rastegar, born in 1982, is a successful businessman who is making a name for himself in the state of Texas. Such professionals can be intimidating to others of a similar age, particularly when you’re beginning to realize the importance of financial security, retirement and building wealth. Rather than deciding that you’ll never succeed, be proactive; seek possible mistakes, solve them and then speak with a financial professional to determine your next steps.

Mistakes like those below are just some of many that big names like Ariah Rastegar make sure to avoid in their thirties:

  • Putting Retirement Savings on the Backburner – In your thirties, you’ll likely have several new expenses, which may include a child. Regardless of your expenses, you cannot afford to put your retirement savings off. Even your child’s future college education should not be prioritized over full contribution to your 401k. “Save your nest egg first,” says Ariah Rastegar. “The first rule of investing is savings.”
  • Avoiding the “Money Discussion” – Many thirty-somethings are getting ready to settle down or have already done so. If this is the case, you need to talk about money with your spouse. You should also feel comfortable doing so. When you settle down with someone, your financial futures are linked, which means that your views on money should be, too.
  • Skimping on Retirement and Insurance – Even when people have no other expenses taking away from their retirement and insurance funds, they often skimp in their thirties, getting by with the bare minimum. This is no way to set yourself up for the future, and you will regret it later.

Remember, all businesspeople start somewhere, and no matter your age, now is always the time to get moving. In a few years, you might even find yourself mingling with pros like Ariah Rastegar.

Ariah Rastegar - Top Sixty-Plus Money Issues

Ariah Rastegar is a young executive who is becoming a known name in the financial and real estate industries. As the CEO of Rastegar Capital, LLC, he helps clients begin building wealth and securing their futures.

Often, over-sixty clients come to such companies with hopes of investing to further their retirements, only to receive a reality check in addition to financial advice. Money issues like those below are examples of common eye-opening issues brought to light:

Underestimating Medical Costs – Once you hit your sixties, you should be planning for retirement, and part of planning for retirement is considering medical costs. Work with a professional to assess your potential medical issues and fees, because if you don’t, you’ll likely underestimate the amount.

If you suspect that you’ve made this mistake, work with a financial advisor to correct it as soon as possible.

Overlooking Income Realities – If you fail to consider inflation and the potential that you’ll live longer than you have budgeted for, it’s easy to overlook realities and land in disaster. You need reliable retirement savings and an investment portfolio that can continuously make your money work for you.

If you’ve made this mistake, make an appointment with a financial consultant to rework your portfolio and to help you assess what the likely reality of your retirement might be; you might need to consider semi-retirement, which is better than not having enough money.

Even if you must resolve issues like the two listed above, do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed at the prospect. Instead, remember that the time to contact an organization like Ariah Rastegar Rastegar Capital is now, not later.