Arie Abekasis

Founder of the Diditan Group

About Arie Abekasis

Arie Abekasis is the founder of the Diditan Group, a homebuilding firm that specializes in superior custom Tuscan homes. Based in Sherman Oaks, California, the Diditan Group blends traditional Italian architecture and style to create modern, elegant homes that suit each client’s individual needs. Arie Abekasis draws on his background in the fashion industry to ensure that each home features the utmost attention to artistic detail and style.

Under the leadership of Arie Abekasis, the Diditan Group works closely with the finest builders, skilled professionals, and artisans to create dream homes for its clients. The group oversees project management from the design phase to completion and prides itself on exceeding client expectations and making the homebuilding process as enjoyable as possible.

As part of his efforts to expand the company’s success, Arie Abekasis actively seeks partners to assist in the development of Tuscan homes and invest in other real estate ventures.

The Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Loan

Arie Abekasis serves as founder and owner of Diditan Financial, Inc., and provides clients with a full range of mortgage, home loan, and tax reassessment services. The firm also can help with reverse mortgages. Arie Abekasis assists home owners in borrowing money tied to the value of their property. Essentially functioning as an equity release, the loan type ensures that borrowers are not responsible for interest until the sale of the home, or death.

This form of mortgage is distinct from traditional loans, which involve a lump sum being taken out and paid back at monthly intervals, or within a specified time frame. The reverse mortgage avoids this hassle, as the property serves as collateral, and the bank provides a set amount of money for a fixed period. This makes it ideal for situations of unexpected financial need, where a long-term loan with affordable terms and conditions reduces the burden on the customer.

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