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Five Conditions for Improving Student Motivation

1) We feel okay... The stresses that our students experience at school or at home, take biological priority in the brain over learning.  Students need to feel safe and cared for, our school and your classroom culture need to be supportive.

2) It matters...Students are more willing to engage if it presents an intriguing puzzle or an issue of fairness.

3) It's active...When the curriculum is hands-on, collaborative and  helps students come to grips with high-level concepts!

4) It stretches us... Students appreciate being pushed to their limits (that's what they experience in computer games).

5) We think back on it...Do not forget to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the work they just completed. What was difficult for them? What would they do differently?


    WOW TO  GO 5th grade....they are already doing hands-on STEM activities. Remember from 8-8:30 all classes will be doing STEM starting Monday (Aug.25).

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    Birthdays.....8/25 Sharen Cox

    Wall Wisher

    Kathy Edwards - Thank you so much for the empty coffee containers! You've provided a great start to the collection! From Shannon

    1st- grade - Thanks you for being so welcoming! From Stephanie

    Kristen - Thank you for the welcome bags! From Stephanie

    Kasen - Your room looks fantastic

    Jenn - Thanks for painting the dolphin door signs and the wonderful bulletin boards in the media center hall.

    Lora & Valerie - Thanks for thinking of me with the great door hangers! From Mark

    Erica - The magic eraser was REALLY magic! Thanks so much!

    Jonathon & Kasen - Welcome to 3rd grade!

    Thank you to Team Beach for welcoming us with open arms and to Glenda and Becki for bringing us here - From Dawn, Jessica and Lori

    Thank you Kathy Edwards for being so sweet. The little things make our job so much easier. Thank you so much for the goodies! From Jenn Hill

    Thanks to Jackie Parrish for creating the "Positive Club" and keeping us on track so far. You rock. - From JP

    This Week....



    Wednesday: Faculty Meetings - Grade Level WIGS

    Thursday: 2:15 Cat.1 and Cat. 2 Training in Conference Room ( 15 min.) - bring your IPDP and Teacher Appraisal papers from in-service training.

    Friday: Self- Assessment due in AIMS

    Coming Up...

    Monday 9/1: No School

    Tuesday 9/2: Fall Pictures; 2:15 Cat. 1 & 2 Training with Dawn Capes (1 hr) Conference room

    Wednesday 9/3:  8:15 AR/ 7 Habit Kickoff

    Thursday 9/4:

    Friday 9/5:

    Reflection Question

    How do you motivate your students? How will you keep them motivated?

    Thought of the Week

    “Teachers cannot push students to think more deeply unless they do so themselves. All great coaches have played the game, and the Teacher is first and foremost the student’s coach.”

    David Ruenzel in “Teachers as Critical Thinkers”

    in Education Week, March 26, 2014

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    3 years ago

    Thank you Glenda for letting me go to the Library when my air conditioner was blowing out heat!

    3 years ago

    I motivate students by having a rapport with each child, and setting realistic expectations for each individual student. Intrinsic motivation offers more academic success. My job is to understand the students' intrinsic motivation, which can be having a desire to prove his or her worth or having a genuine interest in learning something well.