Arksego: Investing in the Future

Arksego is not afraid to invest in the future of the company and the security industry as a whole. Our researchers and scientists have always shown a penchant for finding the best security options for clients even if we have to push the envelope. We realize, for example, that full integration is the future of security around the world. Integration means the molding of all the smaller security systems into one overarching system that can be easily maintained and controlled. The benefits of the integration of security systems are obvious. In a few years, full integration will mean that the surveillance system, the alarm system, and the electronic access control system will be housed under one system that can be monitored by one or two workers instead of several for each separate system. Integration means better efficiency, lowered costs, and quicker responses to potential security threats.

Some of the technology needed for full integration is already out there. Data sharing technology uses some of the core concepts that security systems need to tap into. The challenges lie in dealing with the different kinds of hardware that each separate security system features and developing the software and operating system that will allow workers to make sense out of all of the different data being funneled into their operation screens.

Arksego is a full-service security company that helps companies and individuals protect their most valuable assets. We specialize in selling and servicing armored vehicles, metal detectors, body scanners, pepper spray, and more. If your business has something valuable to protect in Nigeria, contact Arksego.

Arksego: Integrating Security Systems

Arksego always looks for the newest security system solutions to pass on to its clients. One of the new waves of the future of security is system integration. Integration is a general term used in the security world meaning the communication and linkage of several security systems into one comprehensive system. There are myriad reasons why this kind of integration deters potential intruders and makes it much easier for security personnel to monitor secure buildings and other assets. Integration essentially puts all security systems under one umbrella system that can be controlled from one console using one operation system and proprietary software. Integrated security systems are similar to data networks in a number of ways. Integrated security systems can send data at network speeds.

In an integrated network, the communications backbone is fashioned using wires including Ethernet cables. These connections operate at 1 gigabyte or faster, which is necessary when your security system involves closed circuit television (CCTV). To transmit images and video, a fast connection speed is necessary. With a fully integrated security system, you can connect the system to a remote monitoring point. DSL services can be tuned for this particular use, and asymmetric DSL works better for one-way transmission like video footage from a CCTV feed. In the near future, security systems will be completely integrated with each other into one comprehensive system. Arksego is working with experts in the security field to find all the possible ways that integration can be introduced fully into the industry. As of now, some security systems can be fully integrated with each other, but more research is on the horizon to take full advantage of this rising technology.

Arksego: The Best Employees

Arksego employs the best security personnel who will respond to your every security need and work to anticipate ongoing security threats. Arksego is always looking for the most qualified candidates to join our security staff. Our employees immediately become immersed in our Career Development program that we treat with the utmost importance in order to ensure that they follow our company mission and vision. We have implemented a well-defined structure for career advancement and development over the years that helps to motivate our employees to give their job everything they have every day. This structure has quantifiable goals and a clearly-defined structure with milestones for all employees as they climb the corporate ladder. Employees are incentivized to go above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers. If you hire Arksego security services, you can count on our employees working hard for you at all times.

Arksego only promotes the best managers who show the most promise. Our management positions are highly sought-after within the company and very competitive. For an Arksego employee to rise to management, he or she has to work from day one to achieve that goal. Because of this, the leaders within the company are well-accomplished in motivating their workers, and this leadership trickles down to the customer. With management and lower level employees constantly motivated to provide the best security service to their customers, you can see the difference. This clear system of incentives and motivation is what sets us apart from other security companies on the continent.

Security Systems for Today’s Security Needs

Safety and security are a top concern for most consumers and business so it's no surprise the security system industry is booming in this time of economic uncertainty and rising crime statistics. New technologies have made security systems smarter and easier to use. They are smarter and more efficient and have come a long way over the years. Arksego is a highly trained, Nigerian owned security service provider who provides more than just security risk management. They know what components can make up a good security system. Utilizing high-end surveillance equipment, video analytics software, and highly-trained personnel are all essential for today’s security needs.

The core elements of Arksego’s systems are risk assessment and system design, procurement and supply of project electronic components, installation and commissioning, and maintenance and an inspection servicing contract. The system will monitor for fires and intruders and will be monitored by an Arksego team themselves, although Arksego is also capable of training a facilities staff to operate and monitor the system themselves.

Arksego was founded in 1980 in Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s headquarters are still located today. As a security provider that focuses on security risk management, the company has grown to employ over 6,000 people and provide a variety of security services that can be tailor made to fit clients needs, based on the project. Arksego now offers their integrated electronic security system, also known as ESS. Arksego’s team will design install and integrate an electronic security system into your facility. Arksego is on the cutting-edge of security system implementation and will continue to provide top quality services and equipment.

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