Another day


Brook with hair the color of the sun.

Brook of the white smile.

Brook whose cloths are as bright as she is.

Brook is a girl that friends are so much like her.

listens to music every day.

runs around the block every morning

is smart,strong and never misses a good oppertunity

when she wistels the birds sing to

says a picture is worth a thousand words.

Brook runs to her class not to be late

copy's her notes while every one talks

her work is finished while every one else takes it home

she likes to write poems in her room by herself.

Brook writes about her day.

she keep her diary under her pillow

while she tryes to rember her dreams

Brook is a girl who has a diffrent dream every night

she gets up and takes a shower

once she is done she puts on bright clothes like always

she listens to her music

she goes out side and runs around the block.

runs into a boy what happens next?

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