Karl Fritschen - In Tune With Public Education

Karl Fritschen has been involved with the state of the community of an area for many years, as his profession has caused him to be intimately associated with local government and policies. As a city planner and landscape architect, Karl has experienced the full breadth of what the local government is capable of, as well as how the operation functions day by day. In Karl's younger days he was very involved and concerned with the state of the community, advocating that it was the job of the government to renovate facilities and assure that the community looked and felt healthy, so that it can thrive. Lately however, Karl has turned his attention to another social policy, one that is even more concerning. Karl, along with many other scientists and professionals has noticed the continued decline of quality of education in the United States, a concern that has only amplified for Karl since his son was brought into this world. Karl then realized that his son would be subjected to this same inadequate system of American education, and decided he needed to get something done about it.

Karl Fritschen's recent shift focusing on the quality of education is a result of terrible and egregious numbers being posted about America's competency in subjects such as math and science, two areas critical to developing high tech high skilled jobs. Karl is even more concerned about these numbers as a parent, knowing that his son will have to go through this very education system. Karl says that the key to change and improving the overall state of this union is to come together as a people, to raise awareness about this issue and do our part in the governmental process to make the changes necessary to improve it.

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