Iberian Lynx

Arlyne McKown
3rd Period

             The Iberian Lynx is a brownish-tan wild cat and is the world's most threatened animal in the cat category. It lives in the Sierra Morena mountains in Spain.They can also be found at the Donana National park in Europe. The Iberian Lynx eats European Rabbit, which makes up over 90% of its diet. No animals hunt the lynx, but humans used to hunt them. They are now protected by the law.  The Iberian Lynx is endangered because their main source of food's numbers are declining (the European Rabbit). Humans killing them  and habitats being destroyed are also reasons for their endangerment. Because of these reasons, there are less than 50 mature adult Iberian Lynxes left. The ICUN classifies it as a critically endangered species, with only 2 populations of them left. Now, there are programs to save them.

             The Iberian Lynxes are very excellent tree climbers. They weigh 20-30 pounds and are normally nocturnal.  The Lynx females have 2-4 offspring once a year from March to September. They have to be one year old before having offspring.

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