computer technician

                                                 by Ross Norton

money:The Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of professionals in the field earn between $37,790 and $60,400 a year.

what they do: Installing hardware and software systems • Maintaining or repairing equipment • Troubleshooting a variety of computer issues • Setting up computer security measures • Configuring computer networks • Offering technical support on-site or via phone or email

skills:A computer technician must have good logical skills to be able to troubleshoot a problem quickly and get the user's computer up and running. The technician must also know when to ask a supervisor or a more experienced team member for help so that the user is not just waiting while the technician gets on-the-job training. Interpersonal skills are also very important: the technician should never speak in a condescending way to the user.

college:Computer technician training schools can offer you the essential skills needed to maintain and repair the computers that are behind every day life. You can gain hands-on experience working with computer hardware and software.

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