Amy Winehouse

By: Ashley Reier & Alyssa Haeger

Amy Winehouse struggled with bipolar disorder.

            It would be improper to say that Amy Winehouse definitely had strong symptoms of bipolar disorder as a young teenager. The portrait drawn by her teacher is of a rebellious teen with tremendous talent and drive who wasn't interested in anything but her music and performing.

            How much impact did bipolar disorder have on Amy? Unfortunately, many young performers who rocket to stardom as she did wind up in a world of drugs and alcohol - and only a fraction of celebrities with bipolar disorder turn to alcohol and drugs. Amy's alcohol and drug use was so prominent that independent bipolar episodes weren't apparent.

            But it's fair to say that having bipolar disorder and getting no treatment for it - by medication or otherwise - made it more likely she'd self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. It's estimated that 30 to 60% of people with manic depression also have substance abuse issues. And Amy did, as mentioned above, link her drinking to depression.

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