Arthur S Miller

President of Capital Preservation Strategies

About Arthur S Miller

Arthur S. Miller began his career as a business consultant in Boston to family owned businesses where he provided management consulting services that boosted sales by streamlining operations such as direct customer response, market analysis, and employing consultative sales language. A successful financial executive with considerable experience in the retirement planning sector, Arthur is currently the president of Capital Preservation Strategies, Inc., in Highland Park, Illinois. he has worked in the financial services industry for the last 28 years. Today, he works closely with clients to help them plan for their retirements in an effective, financially responsible manner. Arthur S. Miller frequently teaches classes and seminars on retirement planning topics, including the best ways to preserve capital and assets in different types of economies.

Since establishing his business in Highland Park, Illinois, Arthur S. Miller has delivered valuable financial services to clients approaching retirement. He has maintained close working relationships with CPAs and attorneys throughout Illinois and drawn upon his network to refer clients to the appropriate professionals.

Arthur S. Miller spent the early years of his career as the director of retirement services for the Senior Services Group and as a financial consultant with John Hancock and Heritage Financial Consultants.

A Look at Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground

Based in Highland Park, Illinois, Arthur S. Miller is a financial professional with experience in retirement planning. He currently is the President of Capital Preservation Strategies, which is headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois. In his free time, Arthur S. Miller enjoys reading, and counts Fyodor Dostoyevsky among his favorite writers.

Published in 1864, the novella Notes from Underground established Fyodor Dostoevsky as an innovative and notable fiction writer. Modern readers might mistake the term "underground" to refer to political resistance or a counter-culture movement, but in fact, Dostoevsky uses the word more literally, as in hidden notes.

The main character, the underground man, discusses what he finds despicable about himself and those around him. The book was written as a reaction to the then-current sense of optimism and radicalism that Dostoevsky originally shared but, after exile in Siberia, grew to question and disparage. His main character seems similarly disillusioned, offering his jaded views on pain and logic while suffering social humiliation at a dinner party and then humiliating another human in response.

Considered one of Dostoevsky’s greatest works, Notes from Underground is a dark satire that questions commonly held beliefs of the time and reflects on the ideals and paradoxical nature of human freedom.

Find the Right Serve for Doubles Tennis

Arthur S. Miller of Highland Park, Illinois, currently leads Capital Preservation Strategies as president. Aside from his work helping individuals plan for retirement, Arthur S. Miller has played in doubles tennis leagues for many years. In doubles tennis, shot selection differs from the singles version of the sport, particularly in the serve.

In singles, a big serve can force your opponent off balance and lead to a winner from your opponent’s return. In doubles, however, your opponent has a partner who can move to cover the space left open by a big serve. Instead of trying to overpower your opponent, consider using a well-placed spin serve to force your opponent out of position. If your opponent returns a weak shot, your partner may be able to poach the return at the net for an easy point. If the return makes its way to the backcourt, you will likely find yourself with space in your opponent’s court to exploit.

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