Art of Music Las Vegas - Find Collectors’ Items from the World’s Biggest Music Stars

Art of Music Las Vegas has collectors’ items from the world’s biggest and most famous music stars. At Art of Music, you’ll find authentic signed albums, concert posters, and much more from your favorite artists of the past and present. Art of Music has frequent signing events from music stars who add their memorabilia to the huge selection of collectors’ items that will allow even the most devoted fan to find the perfect things to round out their fandom at home. Art of Music has three locations in Sin City and a wealth of items available on its online store.

Art of Music Las Vegas finds the items collectors are looking for by bringing in the personal effects and authentic collectibles from famous musicians across the globe. Art of Music Las Vegas continues to find authentic musical artwork and personal effects from many huge musicians in the industry for its customers to fawn over. For many music fans, especially those of the music of a bygone era, these personal effects and commemorative items are some of the rare things they have left to remember their favorite artists and songs forever. This is the one-stop shop for musical memorabilia for all music fans.

Art of Music Las Vegas continues to add to its collection of vintage records, commemorative materials, and old and new promotional materials signed by the stars themselves. You can also find a wide selection of some of the items that your favorite stars drew their large inspiration from.

Art of Music Las Vegas has a wide selection of movie posters, movie props, and even personal items from some Hollywood’s biggest stars both young and old. With this selection in three stores in Las Vegas and a large and growing online selection, if you’re a film fan, you can’t go wrong when you check out Art of Music’s selection of vintage and contemporary Hollywood rare and one-of-a-kind collectors’ items. Here are three excellent Hollywood collectors’ items available now:

  • Rocky’s boxing glove. Now you can own the boxing glove right off the hand of the great Rocky Marciano himself. Worn by Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky films, this authentic and autographed boxing glove from Art of Music Las Vegas is sure to impress your fellow Rocky fans.
  • Brandon Lee’s nunchucks. The shooting of the film, The Crow, was one of the biggest tragedies in Hollywood history. Although Brandon Lee died during the shooting of the film, his mark was forever left in the consciousness of the Hollywood. Now you can own a part of this historic film by getting Brandon Lee’s nunchucks from Art of Music Las Vegas.
  • Caddyshack flag. The original flag from the comedy classic Caddyshack is signed by the cast and framed for you to proudly display among your collection of Hollywood iconography.

Art of Music Las Vegas has these items and many others available for sale for all Hollywood collectors and buffs trying to add to their collections or shrines at home to their favorite movies and stars.

Art of Music Las Vegas - Three Top, Must-Have Items Available Online

The Art of Music Las Vegas website, you can find a multitude of excellent and rare collectors’ items signed and used by some of the biggest stars in the American sports and entertainment industries. Everything a collector of valuable and rare items used in movies and signed by some of the biggest musical stars in the world could need is in the three locations that the Art of Music runs on the Strip or available online. Here are three must-have items available right now online:

Elizabeth Taylor vintage Parisian silk scarf with signed photo. This collection is an essential item available from the Art of Music Las Vegas online store for all Elizabeth Taylor fans. Beautifully protected and preserved, Taylor’s famous scarf as well as a signed photo of the superstar actor is the perfect starter kit for an Elizabeth Taylor shrine or collection.

Davy Crockett Signature Cut. Officially features on the Art of Music Las Vegas website, this historical collection of photos and a few items from Crockett’s legendary life is the perfect gift for history buffs or fans of the 19th Century soldier and frontiersman.

Beach Boys Album. For fans of the oldies supergroup, this autographed album is a must-own. Complete with the Dennis Wilson cut, this package features their first album itself, as well as signed pictures featuring the band.

Art of Music Las Vegas has many items like this that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a superfan of any particular band or celebrity, you have to check out what Art of Music has for your personal collection.

The Art of Music in Las Vegas - The Reflection of the Past

Every customer that walks through the doors of the Art of Music in Las Vegas is completely amazed at the historical collection of memorabilia they have to choose from. One customer’s reply on a Foursquare post speaks honestly regarding the organization of the collectibles, which makes it easier for shoppers to find the perfect item they have been searching for: ”Amazing place! They even have all the signatures of all the presidents in chronological order! They even have Pat’s Garrett's signature!”

Art of Music has an amazing collection of articles from history that clearly depicts the different eras and infamous people from around the globe. Their collection of signed memorabilia is inclusive of history’s most noted political figures, celebrities, and athletes.

Art of Music specializes in supplying unique memorabilia to fans and collectors from all over the world. The exclusive items offered at Art of Music are from the most famous and influential historical Hollywood stars, as well as sports figures, and astronauts. Rare memorabilia from Apollo 11 And Apollo 17 can be found among the treasures at the Art of Music.

Fans of Bonnie and Clyde have access to the Bonnie and Clyde Signature Cut at the Art of Music in Las Vegas boutique. Even the Davy Crockett Signature Cut can be found adorning the walls of the shop. A collector’s paradise, the Art of Music Las Vegas has plenty of photos from past Presidents and famous magicians like Harry Houdini. Memorabilia belonging to the people that changed the world in profound ways, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa, provides each collector with a piece of the past that will be treasured for centuries.

Art of Music Las Vegas

Art of Music Las Vegas - Celebrities Leave Their Mark Time After Time

Photos of the celebrities that have made the world laugh and cry through their performances line the walls and shelves of the Art of Music in Las Vegas. These legendary stars find their way into the homes and hearts of people all over the world. The shops of Art of Music Las Vegas provide a way for customers to personally connect with all their favorites from any era, past or present.

The memorabilia of songwriters, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and political figures affords collectors to obtain a piece of the magic that lives in every performer or celebrity. The inspiration these celebrities bring to the world is able to live on through photos, personal effects (such as clothing or instruments), recordings, and posters. The Art of Music supplies all this and even more to their customers. Famous personalities often hold personal signings at the sin city store’s locations, which include: The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, the Mirage Resort, and the District at the MGM Grand.

Walking through the doors of the Art of Music in Las Vegas magically transforms an ordinary shopping day to an extraordinary adventure. Every article available to shoppers is unique and instrumental in keeping the magic of the collector's favorite celebrity alive. Whether the memorabilia are from a departed or present famous person, it captures the persona of the individual and unique talent that brought them to celebrity status. When collectors display the memorabilia in their homes, they are preserving all the great memories each celebrity has contributed to the world.

Let’s State the Obvious - The Art of Music in Las Vegas Appreciates Music

Everyone loves music. If they say they don’t, they’re lying. Some people just don’t like everyone else’s music, and that’s totally cool too. The Art of Music in Las Vegas loves music… all kinds of music. Probably even your kind of music. That is why it is an excellent place to visit for those with a love of music, artists, and the culture that goes with it.

Most people have an artist or a band that brings them back to their childhood or their teens, or maybe just a moment or a day that holds a special place in their heart. A certain song stirs memories with just a few chord, an album’s cover art brings back sights and sounds (maybe even a few specific smells). Music is incredibly important to people, even if they don’t fully realize how deeply it reaches in their soul. Those that do appreciate the significant effect music has on them often like to have a physical piece of that music, a piece of that memory. They want something to touch that the artist touched, something to show to others and kick start their heart and the reminiscing.

The Art of Music Las Vegas has worked hard to put together an incredible collection of musical mementos for the fans of pop, rock, country, oldies, and rap. Their list covers everything literally from AC/DC to ZZ Top, including albums, photos, and posters with authentic signatures from the stars themselves. They even have Hannah Montana. Some of these artists have most likely drifted from memory, so get ready to be taken back in time!

Art of Music Las Vegas

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