Sir Francis Galton

Sir Francis Galton studied inheritable traits and how it influences a persons character, abilities, and behavior. He was a nineteenth century English scientist and mathematician. He believed that it was nature that made you who you were, not nurture. This makes sense because he was a mathematician and scientist and focused on hard facts such as heredity. He lived during the Victorian Era and published many books including Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development during this time. His ideas and theories become a central point of psychology.

Sir Francis Galton was very important to psychology. He introduced the thought that some sciences can tell what our emotions are. He was the first to raise the question of nature vs. nurture, which is still talked about today. He was very influenced by the wealthy, and how greatness ran in families. He thought that the wealthiest people were also the most intelligent people. Because the Victorian Era had a distinct line between rich and poor, this could have lead to some of his thinkings.  

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-Josh Shoemaker

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