Japan: Then and Now

Japan has changed over the years. In ways like fashion, art, architecture, literature, performing arts, and religion.


The nobles wore silk robes and fine gold jewelry. Ladies wore dresses with twelve layers of silk. They also had decorative fans with pictures of birds, flowers, or trees. The fans could have silk or flowers hanging from them.

Now there are many different fashion styles. Some are mixtures of traditional and modern styles were as others are just modern.


Nobles enjoyed painting, calligraphy, and architecture. They painted with bold and bright colors that usually illustrate a story.

Now  people can use computers to create animated images.  And they paint with all the colors about anything.


It was based on Chong'an  the Chinese capital. The wooden frame is slightly curved upward. It used simple airy designs.Elegant gardens and ponds.

Now Japan uses modern and postmodern styles, and is the leader in architecture.  


The nobles highly enjoyed it, but noble women enjoyed it most, keeping detailed diaries and journals. On of the greatest was Lady Murasaki Shikilu. They used carefully chosen words to make it sound and look beautiful.

Shortly after WWII authors wrote mainly about the coping with the defeat of WWII.

                                                                Performing Arts

It was the root of Japanese drama. They had actors playing music, juggling, doing acrobats, and we're wild and fun.

It was inspired by early Japanese, post WWII American, and French theater.


Pure Land Buddhism, to chant Buddha's name over and over again to seek enlightenment, was the most common. Zen, self discipline and meditation, later came in and became popular with the warriors. As the warriors grew popular so did zen.

The most common religion in 2006 was Shinto, Buddhism,  then Christianity.

Nate Ramsey




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