Gangs in Houston


The topic that I chose was gangs in Houston.I chose to research gangs in Houston because every time I watch the news I see a gang related case.I thought this topic would be intresting to research so that I and other peolpe can be aware of how dangerous gangs can be and how gangs can affect our community.

What is a gang ?

A gang is a group of young or old people that comit crimes. Gangs can also be called youth or street gangs.Gangs usually share a common identity and engage in criminal behaviors that affect the general population ( vandalissm , drug dealing , assults , and drive-by shooting).Most gangs have strong leaderships that help them become famous or grow on population.Gangs also have symbols that represent them,many gangs associate themselves with a particular geographics.(Under is a picture of some of gang symbols)

How and were are gangs formed ?

Gangs are formed in large places such as large cities and large couties. Gangs can also be formed in states, areas ,and communities.Gangs are formed because of people wanting to be cool, also because of peolpe wanting to do drugs ,and also because people sometimes have to many problems and want to get rid of them.

Annual estimates of the number of gangs.

The annual estimate of the number of gangs has averaged 27,000 gangs annually.Annual estimates steadily increased throught .From the year 1996 to the year 2003 the estimates of gangs has decrease this could of happen because back in time gangs were not as popular as they are now. From the year 2004 the estimates of gangs has increased this could of thappen because of how people are now a days that dont care about the laws and that think joining gangs will make them cool.

Activities that gangs engage more on.

Now a days gangs engage in distructive and violent behaviors that target other rivals and that can aslo target innocent bystanders.According to the police department, gang members engage in a variety of anti-social behaviors.This can include behaviors like myhem , sexual assault , damage to property , larceny , and murder .Gangs can also get profic by doing criminal acts like narcotis sales ,robberies , and auto theft.


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