Arvin Malkani

Experienced IT Professional Arvin Malkani of Bethesda, Maryland

About Arvin Malkani

Arvin Malkani began his career in the finance industry as an intern at Bear Stearns & Company. Eventually, Arvin Malkani relocated to Vienna, Virginia, as a senior financial analyst at the Mooring Financial Corporation. While serving in this role, he studied electrical engineering at George Washington University. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he served as a program manager for ISN Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland. In this position, he wrote more than $100 million in proposals for various federal government agency clients. After a year, he earned a promotion to vice president and held responsibility for more than $20 million in IT services work.

While serving as vice president of the advanced programs group at ISN Corporation, Arvin Malkani studied at The Johns Hopkins University. He graduated with a master of science in information and telecommunication systems and went on to receive a master of business administration. At this point, he assumed the role of vice president of operations at ISN Corporation. Alongside his opportunities in this position, Malkani currently works toward a doctor of philosophy in information systems at George Washington University.

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