Level's of organization

First is Cells

Cells are the smallest living thing that every other living thing needs.

The pictures above are something we need to survive we cant live without them just like no living thing cant live without cells.

Next is tissue

tissue is any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made consisting of specialized cells and their products

All the pictures above are compared to tissue because they all make up something.


An organ is something that makes up a organism and they each play an important role and if you take one out it ruins the whole system

Each picture represents an important part of the water cycle (the sun ain't included because I used it in another example)

Organ systems

An organ system is a group of organs that make up a system

All the pictures above are systems that have different parts to them that make up the whole system


Any living thing

All the pictures above represent something that is living and they are all organisms