Chloe's rocks

By: Chloe Phan

Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is the order/steps on how rocks are formed into another rock. Sedimentary rock is formed by the weathering and erosion, from sedimentary to metamorphic heat and pressure needs to occur, from metamorphic to igneous melting and cooling needs to occur.


Classified: Dolomite is classified as a sedimentary rock because it went through weather, erosion and pressure to become a rock. How it's formed: Dolomite is formed underground and is compacted with limestone and dolostone. Where it's found: Dolomite is mostly found in The Congo in Africa, Canada, and the  European  areas. How it's used: Fertilizer- soil nutrient , Glass- Optical glass, and plastics, and rubbers.


Classified: Slate is classified as a metamorphic rock because it's minerals were compacted by heat and pressure. How it's formed: Slate is formed when shale and mudstone are compressed by minor heat. Where it's found: Slate is mostly found in Brazil, and the United Kingdom. How it's used: Slate is used in chalk boards, floor tiles, roofing, and table tops.


Classified: Obsidian is classified as a igneous rock because it was formed when it erupted from a volcano and cooled. How it's formed: Obsidian was  formed when it erupted from a volcano and got in contact with water and cooled quickly. Where it's found: Obsidian is mostly found near volcanos, islands, and Orgeon. How it's used: Obsidian is used for arrowheads, knifes, and jewelry.

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