Matthew's Music Memory

W.C Handy

Have you heard of William Christopher Handy the composer. W.C Handy's mom and dad were very poor.William was a good student in school and he was the happiest kid in his singing class.One day William had bought a guitar and went to tell his father. when his when his father saw it he gasped and said ‘ thats a devil’s playing” he then told William to go back to the store get his money back and buy a big dictionary. Handy had little money for “Memphis Blues”. when he was 40 years old he had a family to support and he was wanting to write and publish a song.Then a little while later heheard sounds of laughing,singing,shouting and riverboats.when he first began writing“St Louis Blues” was writing itself. He then published “St Louis Blues” as fast as he could.He then earned over $4,000 for a new song. After that he kept writing and publishing more blues songs. He then became known as the “Father of the Blues”.I would recommend listening to the blues because it can help you relax and in the olddays the blues was like the only music people would make and listen to. i likethe song “St Louis Blues” it sounds super good and it will never get old . If I had amusic store i would have this kind of music .

Carl Orff

  • Carl Orff was born in Munich on July 10,1895
  • In 1911,at age 16,some of Orff's music was published
  • He saved a German army during World War I
  • Orff began to formulate a concept called elemental music
  • Orff died of cancer in Munich in 1982 at 86 years old

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