the Guatemalan game  

Your Headline

Deene Hill

Mr. Lee

April 2 2014

cult geo

1 . The us had the power because both groups needed there help to win.

2 . The military started with most of the power then the us took control and set all the rules for everyone else .

3 . all groups had to cooperate with the us because they might not have had as many troops there but they have much more power.

4 .they had most power because everyone else needed there help.

5 . fighting is never good in a country but there will be less fighting with the military not running things in it.

6 .I think its kind of like a football game were there are shifts in power during the game and eventually one team will win . the referees are like the us if you or your coach is yelling at them all game your probably not going to get the big call to shift power at the end of the game  and eventually win the game .

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