The religion of
Patrick star

Patrick star lives in an country named bikini bottom.He is a star fish who is friends with sponge-bob square-pant. He lives two doors down from sponge bob square pants and in between them is their friend squid-ward tentacles. Sponge-bob and Patrick never get the hint that squid ward hates them. Patric star also lives under a rock.


Bikini bottom gets its education from boating school which is a driving school that Mrs. puffs owns. Mrs puffs had to teach Patrick in a couple of episodes because Patrick wanted to go with Sponge-bob to school . Sponge bob had been trying to get his drivers license for the whole show when Patrick got it on his first day. Any body can go to boating school for as long as they want. the price of boating school is free.

Relations to family

Family systems are set up normally in Bikini bottom,people see their families when they want and how they want. All members of a family do not live together. The relation ships between kids and parents are good because the parents and the kids get along.Divorce is legal but has not happened in bikini bottom.


The language they speak in bikini bottom is English.In bikini bottom the language they write in is also English. Other then English they sometimes just draw lines for writing and say they wrote something. In other episodes they go threw time and take like a monkey or a viking. That is the languages and writing used in bikini bottom. The language does not have a significance to bikini bottoms overall culture.

Creative expression

The people in bikini bottom go jelly fishing with jelly fishing nets at jellyfish fields. They also play tag,paper scissors rocks, and play with bubbles. Sponge bob and Patrick like to make different shapes with bubbles. Sponge bob and Patrick sometime combine games like bubbles and paper scissors and rocks by making bubble shapes of paper scissors or rocks. This affects their livelihood because it makes the country funner.

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