Alcatel-Lucent Smart Speaker Club 2014 Fall Contest Part I

Dear fellow toastmasters and most welcome guests,

The 2014 Fall English humorous speech contest and evaluation contest have been successfully completed this noon. Four winners are through to the next round.


Zhu Jie, First Place of Humorous Speech Contest
Ouyang Bin, Second Place of Humorous Speech Contest
Guo Lin, First Place of Evaluation Contest
Yu Ke, Second Place of Evaluation Contest
All 4 winners (From left to right, Ouyang Bin, Zhu Jie, Yu Ke, Guo Lin)

4 winners will represent our club to compete with contestants from HP Hit TM Club, SAP TM Club and IBM TM Club in the area speech contest.


In the English humorous speech, 3 contestants delivered 3 splendid and interesting speeches broadcasting their wisdom and optimism.

Zhu Jie reviewed his career plan with relaxed mood, even though facing job cutting or recession, by self-deprecation like "every company I worked for will fall down eventually". But the speech actually shows a confidence and desire on self development and the hope when facing difficulties in career path.

In Guo Lin's speech he compared all kinds of dreams in modern society. He distinguished real dreams from the greed for power and wealth with his exceptional wit. After a series clever and amusing analysis, Guo Lin expressed the idea that dreams should be motivation for us to make a better life style.

Ouyang Bin started with his true story about a small quarrel on housework between he and his girlfriend. He then focused on the solution of conflict and reflected the most important thing we need in communication —— empathy. His lifestyle stories, outstanding story-telling skills and exaggerated expressions amused all audiences.

Regarding as the evaluation contest, the demo speaker, Jinda He from HP Toastmaster club delivered a fabulous contest speech titled "Bad Idea". Contestants adopted great structure to convey their readings to the speech. They expressed their appreciation for the idea Jinda delivered in the speech that "bad idea" could be "best idea" if you put your passions on it without being distracted by criticism of crowds. All evaluators also gave specific and practical suggestions for points could be improved.

Thank you

We hereby express our gratitude to chief judge Suhail DTM, all secret judges, demo speaker He Jinda from HP TM Club, timers Zhang Shuwei & Jiang Xiaoyan TM, SAAs Li Xuewen TM & Zhang Yuanyuan and contest preparation committee for your excellent work.

The Chinese humorous speech contest will be held on Sep. 2nd. We warmly welcome fellow Toastmasters and guests join us!

Contest Chair Wang Lina and Zhu Jie,

Aug 24th, 2014

Welcome to Alcatel-Lucent Smart Speaker SH Club, 388# Ningqiao Rd., Pudong District, Shanghai, China. Regular meeting every Tuesday 12:00~13:30.