Live at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

New Album Release Party



Photo Report

When the band's vocalist Hide saw the dining area of Hard Rock Cafe Osaka from its stage of their new album release party, he thought that was exactly the same scene he was imagining for those several months.  It has been 4 years since their last album "The Sound of Your Voice", and this new album is the first studio recording album since the bassist Hige joined the band in 2011.  They chose this venue and split their show into 2 stages, to give the audiences more choices.  For families with little children they could still enjoy the 1st stage and for those ASB freaks they could see both shows.  Photography by Hidehiro Shirakashi

ステージから客席を見たとき、ボーカルひで氏は「この景色だ」と思ったという。前作から4年、いよいよ The Alan Smithy Band のニューアルバムがリリースされた。そのリリースパーティの場所に彼らが選んだのは大阪本町 Hard Rock Cafe Osaka。友人とでも、家族でも気軽に来て食事を楽しみながらゆったりライブを楽しんでほしい。そんな想いから生まれたこのイベント。ヒゲ加入後初のスタジオレコーディングアルバムということで、記念すべきアルバムとなった。写真は白樫英宏氏。

Photos - Part 1

Photos - Part 2

Photos - Part 3

Set List

SETLIST - 1st Stage
1. Get Back
2. Jukebox
3. Looking At You
4. Let It Go
5. Time After Time
6. Another Round
7. 蛍


SETLIST - 2nd Stage
1. The Driving Waltz
2. Color of Mine
3. Wanted Dead or Alive
4. The Sound Of Your Voice
5. Tell Me Why
6. Desperado
7. Counting Black Sheep
8. Taxiway Lights

En. It's Not So Bad

※ 3、5、6はカバー


The Album


1. Jukebox
2. Color of Mine
3. Counting Black Sheep
4. The Driving Waltz
5. 27
6. Butterfly
7. Another Round
8. Taxiway Lights

Venue Map

地下鉄 本町駅(御堂筋線・中央線・四つ橋線)9番出口すぐ 7番出口を御堂筋向かって、左に徒歩1分