Calculate Your GPA

It is essential for you to know how to calculate your term GPA and your cumulative GPA. In order to set academic goals, which help lead to success, it is important to understand how success is measured.

Four-Point Scale

Ohio State, like most universities, is on the four-point scale:

  • A is worth 4 points
  • B is worth 3 points
  • C is worth 2 points
  • D is worth 1 point
  • E is worth 0 points

Ohio State also has a plus and minus grading system to help make finer distinctions within the A, B, C, D, E scale.


A student's GPA is calculated by taking the total number of credit points earned and dividing it by the number of hours attempted for a grade. First, multiply the credit hour value of each course by the point value of the grade. For example, a three credit hour course in which you earn a B (3 points) is worth 9 credit points. Second, add up the credit points you have earned in all your courses. Finally, divide the total credit points by the number of credit hours you have attempted for a letter grade.

After the subsequent semester at Ohio State, you must calculate the cumulative GPA by dividing total credit points earned by total hours attempted for a letter grade (i.e., not including S/U, PA/NP, EM, or K credit*).

Good Academic Standing

By earning good grades and maintaining a cumulative point-hour ratio well above the minimum standard of 2.00 required for graduation, the student in our example is considered to be in good academic standing.