Comma Project

By: Alyssa Schaeffer

Rule #1

Are you making a list of three or more items? Add commas in between the items to show that it is a list!


We rocked out to David Bisbal, Chino y Nacho, and Kevin y Karla in Spanish class today.

Carlos and Jaime went on a cruise, went sight seeing in Puerto Rico, and met a beautiful girl on the beach.

San Juan has old building, beautiful beaches, and good food.

Rule #2

Use a comma to separate two adjectives. This only works if you can add "and" in between the adjectives or if you can reverse the order of the adjectives with the sentence still making sense.

Rule #3

FANBOYS! Use commas with coordinating conjunctions that separate two complete sentences.

Coordinating conjunctions - For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

Example 1: Olivia really wanted summer to come, but there were still three weeks left of school.

Example 2: Mark didn't want to take any finals, yet he had to if he wanted to pass the class.

Example 3: Jason would be home all summer, so his mom had to buy food for his lunches.

Rule #4

Do you have an introduction before a complete sentence? Use a comma to separate the introduction from the rest of the sentence.

Even though the week wasn't going well, the weekend would soon come.

Although we knew there would be tears, we proceeded with the commencement ceremony.

Even with it being the last week of school, the teachers continued to hand out homework.


Rule #5

How about extra information? Do you have some extra information? Does it interrupt a sentence? Use commas to separate the information from the actual sentence.


1. Use semicolons to replace a period if the two sentences are closely related.

The music was blaring fairly loud; it was Luke Bryan.

The concert was amazing; it was well worth the money I paid.

I was in a bad mood; I grabbed my iPod.

2. Use semicolons to separate items in a list if they already have commas in them.

There would be a concert in Iowa on Monday, January 6; Thursday, March 12; and Saturday, May 24.

Anthem Lights preformed in Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; and Cleveland, Ohio.

As the boy followed his dream of music he traveled to San Francisco, California; Nashville, Tennessee; and Atlanta, Georgia.

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