Guilhem Lacaze

Beyond windows

The project Beyond Windows is a research on what is happening when a stranger look at me. I was always surprised by the very powerful  instant created by this fleeting connections.  Windows form separations between worlds which merge by reflexions. Through them persons are projected in complex imaginary layers. The look, this bridge is a unique invitation. Some truth is exchanged but which one ...

We are free...

Free people.  I think we just do not measure the chance we have to be that free. Photography often is used to fight the stupidity of humanity. We have to remember and photographs hopefully can help us not to do the same mistakes.
Now, what if we show pictures of free people in struggling areas? Could that make a difference or they just would be not understood?

White ship - Black rust

Harbors. The tide of time. What is left of this huge amount of energy we put in building these structures? (Project in progress).

How I work

All my work is produced with three different film cameras and I print myself in different darkrooms in San Francisco.

I do appreciate 35mm films for their grainy aspect but I may prefer my Roleiflex for street life, ... maybe because people love it too.

Part of this work has been presented in the Rayko gallery in San Francisco.

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