BlueStar was the most bravest and wisest Leader and warrior of ThunderClan. She risked it all, and her kits. One night she told her kits they were playing a game and she said that if any other cat sees them they lose. So then on the way where BlueStar is taking her kits, Mostkit, Stonekit, and Mistykit, Mosskit then falls in the snow as BlueStar looks and Mosskit has left with BlueStars dead sister, Snowfur, takes Mosskit to StarClan, where good cats that die go. Then As BlueStar takes her other two kits to their father, Oakheart, in RiverClan. Then as she leaves them with him years later Oakheart dies from a rockfall. Then one day bloodthirsty dogs where by the gorge in ThunderClan and only one left and cloud by pushed off. BlueStar made her decision, she jumped at the dog and pushed him off while she went down too. Then when BlueStar was drowning Oakheart came down from StarClan and started to take her to StarClan. But then Fireheart/FireStar brings her to the sand part of the forthe by RiverClan, and her kits, now called StoneFur and MistyFoot and she tells them she their mother and she loves them. Then Oakheart takes her to StarClan. Then after BlueStar is dead her son later on StoneFur, comes to StarClan as well. But for the whole entire series, BlueStar, OakHeart, StoneFur, Mosskit, SnowFur, Moonflower, and Stormtail watches over BlueStar and Oakheart'sdaughter , now leader, MistyStar Still in RiverClan.