Ashley Zehnder - How to Become Involved in Your Community

Ashley Zehnder is a big fan of sports, for a number of reasons. First, she sees sports as a great way to induce people to engage in physical activity. The prospect of going to the gym and running on a treadmill is slightly less attractive than laying in bed and watching the paint on your walls dry. Perhaps, the only activity less attractive than running on a treadmill is running on a treadmill and watching the paint on your walls dry. Sports, however, entail a wider variety of physical activities that are more intensive than running on a treadmill, and they do so in a fashion that is fun for people of all ages. They also do so in a manner that is competitive, so people exert a little bit more energy in an effort to brag to their friends later on.

Another reason that sports are so great, says Ashley Zehnder, is that they instill many positive virtues within an athlete. One of these virtues is the ability to subordinate one's selfish interests to the common interests of a team. Athletic players who act selfishly are inevitably exposed like a whale on a beach; selfishness simply has no room on a championship team. In other areas of life, a person is able to get away with selfish behavior, at least for a matter of time. However, cooperation is a human behavior more grounded in truth.

The pitting of individuals and nations against each other would be one of society's greatest and most laughable lies, says Ashley Zehnder, if not for the bloodshed. The reason for this is that, in nature, human's must cooperate with each other to have any chance to survive. The petty bickering that takes place between people in society is a survival mechanism of the ego, not the body.

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