Battle Of Brown's Mill

July 30-31, 1884 Newnan, Georgia

Battle Of Browns Mill

What is the Battle of Brown's Mill?

  The Battle Of Brown's Mill was fought on July 30. 1864, in Coweta County, Georgia, during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. Edward M. McCook's Union cavalary, on a daring raid to server communications and supply lines in south-central Georgia, was defeated near Newnan, Georgia, by Confederate forces under Joseph Wheeler.

During the Atlanta Campaign, Gen. William T. Sherman, wanting to avoid the necessity of laying siege to the city, so he ordered two columns of Federal cavalry on a series of raids south of Atlanta in an attempt to cut off supply and communication lines. Major General George Sherman led the cavalry of the Army of Ohio to the southeast (Georgia), while being Brigadier General. First Division of the cavalry of the Army Of Cumberland was to sever railroads southwest of the city, which was lead by Edward M. McCook. Edward was the link with the stoneman and then seized the camp free of 32,000 prisoners.

The Battle

McCook and his 2,400 troops crossed the Chattahoochee River at Smith's Ferry and went through the Atlanta and West Point Railroad in Palmetto, capturing and burning 1,000 wagons from a Confederate supply train at Fayetteville.  At Lovejoy, the Stoneman fail to appear, forcing McCook's troops back to the Chattahoochee River. Unfortunately, on July 30, 1864, they were so exsausted and tired that they stoped in Newnan. Already there, the Alabamians were surprised to see the Federal cavalry as the Federals were surprised to see them. fighting then soon erupted , causing McCook to begin a desperate search to find a out of the fighting in a route that would pass Newnan to the the south and avoid the clash. They were driven off the road and into to woods to find the Confederates. The Confederates had 1,400 reinforcements join them. Over the next few days  lost 100 men, 2 Brigadier generals, and 1,300 captured. The Confederates won the battle.

Still Going On Today

The Battle Of Brown Mill is a historical battle sight featuring walking trails, interpretive signs, and is the only civil war park south of Atlanta. Each year people from all around south Atlanya come to the two weekends of the reenactments of the Battle of Browns Mill. I find it extreamly important to Georgia, (especially Coweta county), because it is a part of the American Revolution right next to our homes.

Reenactment Of Battle of Brown's Mill.

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